Watch “Man with a Plastic Bag” online

You can watch ‘Man with a Plastic Bag’ by Jakub Polakowski online until the 31st of May. Link in the news content.

New visual identity of Fotofestiwal

Fotofestiwal has a pleasure of collaborating for the second time with the graphic design studio and creative agency Progressivo.

We announce the festival theme!

What is hidden behind the need to collect, own and catalogue photographs?


Meet the artist we’ll be working with this year!


We already know that we will not meet – as we planned earlier – in June in Łódź.

First exhibition announcement

Frederic Jameson once said that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism…

Fotofestiwal 2020 Open Call Finalists!

Here they are: seven exceptionally talented people whose exhibitions you’ll be able to see in Lodz during the upcoming edition of the Fotofestiwal!

New date of the festival announced

Save the new date. This year the festival will start on Wednesday June 10, just before the long holidays weekend and will last until June 28.


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Na Fotofestiwal zaprasza Miasto Łódź, Fundacja Edukacji Wizualnej i Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń



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