15.04.2020 Changes!

from Fortepan exhibition

How to plan a festival at a time when you cannot meet other people? Can an online exhibition be as interesting as the one watched “live”? When locked up in our homes, do we need new cultural productions, or maybe we should better use this time to watch, listen to and read the things we have never had time for? We’ve been asking ourselves these and many other questions since the beginning of the social distancing period – just like many of you probably have.

We already know that we will not meet – as we planned earlier – in June in Łódź.

We are now in the process of collecting data, exploring possibilities, writing alternative scenarios, but we do not know what the situation will look like in a month or two. Therefore, we are working on plan B, C and D. We want photography to reach you we intend to present to the public what the curators and artists managed to accomplish so far. We want to support authors in these difficult times. We want to do it wisely.

We are convinced that this year’s program will be presented to you in the most interesting way possible, but also according to the possibilities, in a safe and responsible manner. If possible, we will meet in Łódź on a different date, for instance in August. Perhaps – partially or entirely – the Internet will be our meeting venue. Maybe some projects will have a completely different form than we planned before? Together with the artists and partners, we are now take up a challenge which will certainly lead us to valuable conclusions and solutions for the future. Fotofestiwal 2020 will not be the same as usual, but it will be as exceptional as it always is!

If you want to learn more about what we have prepared this year, in the link below you will find information about the theme and programme of the festival and main exhibitions: LINK! More info on the programme and this year’s theme will be published soon on our website and social media, so stay tuned!

As soon as possible, we will announce the new dates and probably also the new format of the festival…

Stay with us!


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