If you wish to experience culture outside the internet, we invite you to Łódź between 6 and 23 August. Come and see the exhibitions of the main programme of the Fotofestiwal and the Open Programme (former Grand Prix) in the Art_Inkubator festival centre at Tymienieckiego 3.

Thanks to the cooperation with partners, artists and curators involved in this year’s edition of the Festival, we invite you to the exhibitions already in August 2020! The main theme is collecting as a form of art, habit, passion and sometimes obsession. We will show you some truly exceptional collections – very original and based on unconventional criteria, some originating from surprising sources, other presented in prestigious museums around the world. After the opening of the Festival they will also be available online for all those who cannot come to Łódź. We have also prepared a treat for the latecomers: in October we will open two more partner photo exhibitions: in the Muzeum Sztuki ms1 in Łódź and, prepared by the University of Lodz, an exhibition in the so called “building with a butterfly”, which you should remember from last year’s edition. More info about this year’s exhibition programme can be found here: Exhibitions 

In response to the current global economic situation, we decided to reduce the ticket price to a symbolic amount. For safety reasons, we also significantly limit parts of the programme involving the audience, such as meetings, exhibition openings, lectures. First and foremost, we invite you to see the exhibitions, which will be made available to the audience in compliance with all currently required safety standards.
Photo-Match, or the Completely Different Portfolio Review will be held in virtual space, in cooperation with Photomonth in Krakow. A call for applications for this special edition of the review will be launched soon. Photo-Match will be joined by experts invited by both Festivals, and – as always in Łódź – they will have the opportunity to meet each of the photographers before individual meetings. Of course, we will prepare for you a couple of special, though different from those we know from previous Festivals, evening events – check our website and social media pages regularly to find out more about the upcoming programme. Over the next two months we will also be publishing a lot of original content, as we want to introduce you to the topic of collecting from the perspective of artists and curators working in other industries and with other arts media. 

We would like to thank our main partners for their flexibility and openness: the City of Łódź, Łódź Event Centre and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as Futures and Parallel programmes subsidised by the European Union.

This year we will meet at Fotofestiwal in August and October!



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