11.08.2020 Another seven exhibitions are published online

photo by Sheili Weiller from the "Enjoy House" | Open Program

We are opening next virtual space. On the subpages dedicated to exhibitions, you will find presentations with this year’s space arrangement at Art_Inkubator and detailed descriptions and works from as many as seven exhibitions.

Slightly scary faces of Santa Claus, iconic holiday photographs with white bears, men flexing their muscles next to their favorite cars, soldiers posing for a photo against a photographic background showing the battlefield. The exhibition “Self-portrait of the twentieth century” is one of the largest exhibitions of this year’s Fotofestiwal, created from the collection of Jean-Marie Donat. It includes a total of over 600 anonymous frames from about 30 series depicting everyday life. This extensive photographic documentation was created in order to present a little an unusual, perverse face of the past century, you can view it online👉HERE👈  and at any time on the subpage dedicated to the exhibition.

The second huge portion of photographs are exhibitions from this year’s Open Program (former Grand Prix Fotofestiwal). An international jury selected six projects from 600 submitted entries. You will find here projects by artists from around the world and a variety of topics: from military camps for young people in Eastern Europe, through selfie factories growing in North America, to the problem of toxic waste in Europe or a journey to Polish roots in North America. See the works 👉HERE👈.

Last week, we also provided access to a virtual tour of the exhibitions:

👉 Some bodies
👉 The past is yours! from the Fortepan collection.

At the same time, remember that nothing can replace the experience of communing with photography in our post-industrial Art_Inkubator festival center. In addition to the exhibition spaces, you will find here treats and drinks served by the Niewinni, as well as … a badminton and table tennis set! We are waiting until August 23!


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