Miklós Tamási and István Virágvölgyi, The Past is Yours!

From the Fortepan collection

The Past is Yours!

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Explore engaging and beautiful private photographs showing the mundane everyday moments of Eastern Europe. Fortepan is a copyright-free and community-based digital-only photo archive with over 120,000 photographs available for anyone to browse and download in high-resolution, free of charge. The www.fortepan.hu website was launched in 2010 by Ákos Szepessy and Miklós Tamási. Fortepan initially contained photographs found from the 1980s by the two high school classmates Ákos and Miklós randomly in the streets of Budapest during junk clearances. The archive has expanded since then through donations from more than 600 families, amateur and professional photographers, along with public collections. The images on the website are selected by founding editor Miklós Tamási, this is crutial so Fortepan contains only good quality and interesting photographs. Descriptions attached to the images are compiled and edited by volunteers, utilizing information contributed by the public at the Fortepan Forum.

Miklós Tamási (1970 – Budapest, Hungary) was the secretary of the Young Artists’ Association between 1996-98. After that he worked as archivist in the OSA Archive of the Central European University until 2015. Since then he works as the editor of the Fortepan online photo archive that he founded in 2010. Parallel to this he is a volunteer at the Cirko- Gejzír Cinema since 1994 and also volunteers at the Budapest100 festival since 2010.

István Virágvölgyi (1982 – Budapest, Hungary) studied freehand drawing, desktop publishing and photography and earned a master’s degree from library and information studies at Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary). He worked at the leading Hungarian news portal Origo first as photo editor and then as head of photography between 2007 and 2011 after which he joined MTI Hungarian News Agency as head of the photo desk. Since 2014 he works at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (Budapest, Hungary), he is the secretary of the Robert Capa Photography Grand Prize Hungary.

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