03.07.2020 Galleries all over Łódź are opening photographic exhibitions

This Sunday, Galeria Bałucka is going to open the first exhibition accompanying Fotofestiwal. It is a truly intriguing beginning of this years’ edition, as the photographs displayed in this exhibition could easily be mistaken for paintings, and their author stresses in his biography the fact that…he doesn’t have a spleen!

We are pleased to announce the first exhibitions organized by the art galleries of Łódź – slightly unusually, which seems to be this year’s tradition (2020!). Despite difficult circumstances, the galleries have decided to present photography projects during the Festival, both in August and in October 2020 (as part of the Festival’s epilogue). Please, remember that in the autumn, together with ms1, we will open the final exhibition of the Main Program (Antoine de Galbert’s Burning House) as well as e.g. the exhibitions in the Motyl UŁ (“Butterfly”) building, the location which was warmly received by our audience in 2019.

Visit the exhibition starting this Sunday at Galeria Bałucka – Undreamt dreams or a claim to reality by Talat Darvinoğlu. Also, make sure you check the full list of accompanying exhibitions in Augst, which is available on our site.

fot. Talata Darvinoğlu

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