17.07.2020 Collections in (not only) music

This Sunday, the first of four original radio shows dealing with the collection – in music, on DJ shelves, but also… in architecture of Łódź.

Radio Kapitał is the first community radio in Poland – created by a group of almost three hundred people involved in its structure, program and broadcasts. This month the radio is celebrating its first birthday and has certainly enlivened the scene of radio stations in Poland. It is – like the foundation that creates Fotofestiwal – managed collectively. Its goal is to “create an independent and non-commercial space of expression, grassroots action – not for profit, but for personal satisfaction and social benefit.” The season schedule of the radio station is incredibly rich and eclectic due to inclusiveness as the guiding principle of its activity.

We are pleased to invite you to a series of broadcasts on Radio Kapitał. Their authors decided for themselves how to interpret the theme of the collection, which we are taking up at the exhibitions of this year’s edition of the festival. As a warm-up, Miklos Tamasi, the founder of the Fortepan collection, a part of which we will be showing in Łódź, revealed to us. As Miklos himself commented on this collaboration: “I have never thought that once I will have a set” and let the unexpected be the slogan that guides this collaboration. We ourselves are curious how the authors cooperating with Radio Kapitał will present the collecting.

First to unveil it will be Jacek Świąder this Sunday. Take a look at our schedule!

19.07 | niedziela | 22:00
Jacek Świąder, „Ktoś ruszał moje płyty

26.07 | niedziela | 13:00
Maria Nowakowska, „Ornament, nie zbrodnia

05.08 | środa | 21:00

11.08 | wtorek | 19:00
Marta Orlikowska, Dialogi

All of the shows will be uploaded online at the radio’s archive, on our special festival profile: LINK.

Stay tuned!

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