07.08.2020 First online exhibitions

photo by Anka Gregorczyk

We’re happy to publish first online exhibitions: Some Bodies and The Past is Yours! from the Fortepan collection.

All exhibitions opened yesterday in Art_Inkubator can be also viewed online. We will publish links throughout the festival. From now on, the group exhibition 👉 Some Bodies 👈 is available – the only one that was created only in electronic version. It was created by: Anka Gregorczyk, Elsa Gregersdotter, Joshua Tarplin, Yushi Li, Yuxin Jiang and curator Zoreh Dehldadeh in cooperation with the Parallel Platform.

The second project that you can visit without leaving home is 👉 The past is yours!👈 from the Hungarian Fortepan collection. More exhibitions from the Main Program and the Open Program are coming soon! Links to exhibitions will appear on their subpages, we will inform about the publication on all our communication channels. Have a nice watch!

Anka Gregorczyk
From “Beyond” series, 2020


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Some Bodies exhibition

Fortepan exhibition



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