15.04.2020 First exhibition announcement

fot. Kata Geibl

Frederic Jameson once said that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism. Hungarian photographer Kata Geibl investigates whether this thesis is true. Marcel Rickli shows how humanity is trying to stay ahead of time in thinking about radioactive waste. Mate Bartha unveils to us military summer camps for teenagers organised somewhere in  Eastern Europe, while Shelly Wiler presents some bizarre New York and Los Angeles locations designed to serve as perfect selfie backdrops.

As a result of the open call, out of more than 700 applications, the international jury selected six projects to be presented at this year’s Fotofestiwal – the International Festival of Photography in Łódź. The Open Call section (former Grand Prix Fotofestiwal) is a part of the festival in which no thematic, age or territorial restrictions are imposed. It presents the most interesting and the latest phenomena in contemporary photography. So far, photographs by such artists as Nadav Kander, Tomasz Lazar, Ilona Szwarc, David Fathi, Martin Bogren and Jan Brykczyński have been exhibited in this section. See the works of this year’s six winners that will be on display in the post-industrial OFF Piotrkowska space between (we still hope so and working on that!) 10 and 28 June 2020, during the Fotofestiwal.

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