The OUT OF LIFE exhibition is meant to create a sociological study in which the curators and artists alike will ask themselves questions about the role of boundaries in the contemporary reality. It will touch upon such issues as alienation, loneliness and, most of all, escape. The exhibition results from a simple interest in people and their place in chaotic and uncertain daily life, which floods us with countless stimuli, mass of information, questions and possibilities. In such a situation, what does it mean to be ‘out of life’? Where are the boundaries which separate ‘within’ and ‘out of’? How do we, skilfully or not, consciously or not, try to cross them? Or maybe escape, by creating virtual worlds?

Nina Kassianou (Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Greece)
Krzysztof Candrowicz (International Festival of Photography in Łódź)

Curators about the exhibition – pdf

Daria Tuminas Ivan and the Moon (Russia/the Netherlands)
Anastasia Tailakova In Vain (Russia)
Gábor Kasza Y (Hungary)
Kai-Uwe Gundlach Shibuya (Germany)
Karsten Kronas Heterotopia (Germany)
Michael Cevoli Hard Time Killing Floor (USA)
Adam Jeppesen Wake (Denmark)
Bownik Gamers / Training Halls (Poland)
Lucia Ganieva Dreaming Walls (Russia)
Ellen Kooi Out of Sight (the Netherlands)
In Sook Kim Saturday Night (Korea/Germany)
Ange Leccia Night in White Satin (France)

Artists biographies:

Grohman Villa
Tylna 9/11
opening hours
5.05 / Thu: 18.00-21.00
6.05-15.05 / Mon-Sun: 11.00-20.00

opening: 5.05, 18.00
exhibition will be held: 5.05-15.05