The central point of Fotofestiwal 2011 will be the two Main Programme exhibitions: OUT OF LIFE and OUT OF MIND. We have invited Celina Lunsford, Nina Kassianou and Krzysztof Candrowicz to interpret these themes. Both exhibitions are born of interest in people and their relations with contemporary world, society and themselves. They will tell us about the function and ways of creating alternative realities. They will also discuss boundaries which we create between the reality and our creations.

Celina Lunsford, the curator of the exhibition, explains that OUT OF MIND can make us change the way in which we perceive ourselves. The key to understanding the exhibition lies in such notions as ‘obsession’, ‘illusion’ and ‘fantasy’. All 12 presented projects share a common theme of identity and an unusual way of depicting reality. The OUT OF LIFE exhibition, in turn, is a sociological study in which artists and curators touch upon the issues of alienation, loneliness and escape.

OUT OF LIFE exhibition
OUT OF MIND exhibition