Portfolio Reviews are actually the most important form of promotion, which enables photographers individual and direct meetings with curators, critics, journalists, publishers of books and magazines and owners of galleries. During portfolio reviews participants have chance to present their pictures to experts and to get tips  concerning vocational, artistical developement, relised projects or elaborating good portfolio. Each of this conversations gives a chance for cooperation with reviewer which will result  in individual exhibition, publishing pictures in photo-magazine, invitation to participate in international project or one of festivals.

Who can take part? Portfolio review during Fotofestiwal aims in gainig students and graduates of photography, professional photographers or those who already have at least one exhibitnion or publishement done. We invite to take part in the review artist chosen by jury of Fotofestiwal among all of the applications.

This year the portfolio review will be on: 6.05 (Friday) and 8.05 (Sunday)

Reviewers Fotofestiwal 2011:
1. Peggy Sue Amison
2. Alexa Becker
3. Alejandro Castellote
4. April Gertler
5. Nina Kassianou (only 8.05 Sunday)
6. Celina Lunsford (only 8.05 Sunday)
7. Katarzyna Majak
8. Evan Mirapaul
9. Ked Olszewski
10. Rui Prata
11. Jarosław Zachwieja

We are very sorry to inform that Ariana Rinaldo resigned from being a reviewer.

ORGANIZATION OF PORTFOLIO – each meeting with reviewer lasts  30 minutes 
- places available for friday’s session: 20.
- places available for sunday’s session: 20.
- each person taking part in portfolio can pick only one session (friday or sunday) during wich meets with 5 experts. Information included in reviewer’s profiles will help you to choose the most valuable meeting.

Send filled application form, CV and up to 20 pictures (JPG) in total max. 3mb on portfolio@fotofestiwal.com until 15th of April 2011. No later than 25th of April we will announce list of qualified photographers.

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