Revitalisation of the Łódź Art Center complex, which has been the main festival centre for the last five years, will start in 2011. The revitalisation will end in 2014. It forced us to look for other venues for exhibitions and festival events, and allowed us to discover other interesting aspects of the city. Among other places, the 19th century Grohman’s Villa and neighbouring park turned out to be a perfect open space to discuss photography, hold meetings and present exhibitions.

Each new space is a challenge, both for organisers and artists. We hope that at the same time it will turn out to be a discovery for visitors. The new festival centre will include the two exhibitions of the Main Programme, a bookstore, the festival office, the press office and a cafeteria.

This year, Funny Games Redesign is responsible for the concept of furniture arrangement in the Festival Centre (Grohman’s Villa). It is a group of young people, avid designers who break the rules of fashions and trends. This is how they describe their works: ‘We distil the best elements of old-time, eclectic furniture, we blend it with modern, minimalistic design, we add some punk esthetics and shake everything properly. Done!’

Funny Games deal with redesign and untypical, crazy renovation of old furniture and buildings. They also create new elements of furnishings which combine classical and modern esthetics.