Slideshows and Lectures

6×6  Fragments of European Photography

Even people who deal with photography on a daily basis find it difficult to choose what is important and worth attention from the profusion of “photographic works” of the last years. It is not easy to follow every novelty, change, interesting names and ideas. Slideshows and curator presentations are an attempt to update the recent changes and trends in the European photography.

We invited curators from six countries to help us create this programme. Each of them was asked to make a subjective choice of artists and photo projects that best reflect the character and condition of current photography of a given country.

The presentations is comprised of two parts. The first part consists of lectures during which the curators will present their latest photo discoveries and will try to explain their choice of projects. The second part consists of night slideshows with music prepared especially for the Fotofestiwal.


Austria - Martin Breindl
France - Jim Casper
Greece - Nina Kassianou
Ireland - Peggy Sue Amison
Italy - Alessandra  Capodacqua
Poland - Tomasz Ferenc

Montage and preparing the slide shows:
Aman Iman Team


Łódź Art Center, Tymienieckiego 3
8th of May, Friday // 9th of May, Saturday

8th of May - Friday
08:30 pm – EC1, 1/3 Targowa St., Lodz
10:30 pm – Jazzga Club, 17 Piotrkowska St., Lodz (open air event)

9th of May - Saturday
09:00 pm – Jazzga Club, 17 Piotrkowska St., Lodz (open air event)

19th of May - Tuesday
11:00 am - Yours Gallery, 33 Krakowskie Przedmiescie St., Warsaw

20th of May - Wednesday
11:00 am - Yours Gallery, 33 Krakowskie Przedmiescie St., Warsaw



Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber - Plugged In, Fenced Out
Eva Brunner-Szabo - Bandages I, III, VII
Robert F. Hammerstiel - Private Stories II  & Alles in bester Ordnung IV
Sabine Maier - Commo-nice!
Herwig Turk - Agents


Denis Darzacq - Hyper
JR - Women are Heroes
Eric Tabuchi - 26 Abandoned Gasoline Stations
Alexei Vassiliev - Troubled Moments
Guilaume Zuili - Fragments


Athina Chroni - People - 3D photographs
Haris Kakarouhas - Square Icons
Evangelia Kranioti - Au moment X
Costas Ordolis - Bodies, Masks & Cities
Ioanna Ralli - Archetypes of the Feminine


Mark Curran - The Breathing Factory
David Farrell - Nè vicino Nè lontano. A Lugo // Neither Close, nor Far. Lugo
Seán Hillen - The Troubles
Jackie Nickerson - Faith
Eoin O’ Conaill - Common Place


Fabio Barile - Among
Alessandro Destro - Suspect Behaviour
Simone Donati - Crimean Tatars, Return to the Motherland
Silvia Noferi - Hôtel Rêverie
Elisabetta Senesi - Handle With Care


Anita Andrzejewska - Nur-e jan
Konrad Grajner - 44 War-schau
Magdalena Kmiecik - Space Between
Michal Przezdzik - Still Life
Dominika Truszczynska - Glimpses of Infinity