Sabine Maier (Austria)


The images of this series were taken while I was exploring the former Eastern European countries – Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, and Latvia. The fascination with Eastern Europe dates back to my childhood. It started with pictures, names, books, television news, among others. And the fact that those countries seemed so far away. It was the iron curtain back then, which made these countries seem so far away even though they were so near. Bit by bit, I became very curious about this part of the world. When I finally went there, something happened outside of me. I still do not know what this ‘something’ was, but it was definitely related to the people, the buildings and differences in history.

Travel is very important to me, and the arrival in an unknown place is always a beautiful moment. I try to see things from a different point of view, or from a special perspective… There are trees, buildings, there is the sky… there are humans in the world. I like to think that I can deal with anything. The possibility of beauty is everywhere.
“Commo-nice!” was done using analogue capture and special analogue development techniques. The series is an account of my visual reflections on these journeys.

Sabine Maier

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