Curator: Martin Breindl
FLUSS - Society for the Promotion of Photo and Media Art, Wolkersdorf, Austria

Martin Breindl, born 1963 in Vienna, Austria, is a media artist, theoretician and curator. He is the founder of alien productions (in collaboration with Andrea Sodomka, Norbert Math and August Black), an artists’ network dealing with new technology and media. He works in the fields of media performance, installation, net art, radio art, sound art, video art and visual arts. Since 2001, he has been one of the curators of FLUSS – society for the promotion of photo and media art, based in Wolkersdorf, Austria; since 2005, he has also been a co-curator of the International Photographic Triennial Backlight.

8th of May - Friday
08:30 pm – EC1, 1/3 Targowa St., Lodz

Artists and Projects:
Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber - Plugged In, Fenced Out
Eva Brunner-Szabo - Bandages I, III, VII
Robert F. Hammerstiel - Private Stories II & Alles in bester Ordnung IV
Sabine Maier - Commo-nice!
Herwig Turk - Agents

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