Eva Brunner-Szabo (Austria)

Bandages I, III, VII

The subject of my work is the analysis of spaces of memories. These spaces of memories are not only spaces in the topographical sense, like public space, interiors or spaces of remembrance, but also the spaces that I develop further. Besides the physical space I deal with the psychological space. I see my body as a space of memories and work with it accordingly. Strong experience of reality is mediated by intense sensual and mental re-experience. Rendering from the psychic to the physical – to the body, pain and the deliverance – is transformed from the real onto the photo.

Eva Brunner-Szabo

In “Bandages”, the artist uses her own bare body to explore the mental space of painful memories. This method of self-exploitation has always played an important role in Austrian art; think of the Viennese Actionists, especially Günther Brus and Rudolf Schwarzkogler. In presenting herself as a medium for as well as an object of the untouchable, Brunner-Szabo takes this tradition a step further. It is a proof that a body is still important even in the age of the so-called virtual reality.

Martin Breindl - curator of FLUSS - Society for the Promotion of Photo- and Media Art
Wolkersdorf, Austria

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