Ioanna Ralli (Greece)

Archetypes of the Feminine

At some point in a course I took, we were asked to create in our minds the image of our personal psychic lab, and to conjure up two advisors. First, the image of a wise old man in a white jalaba sitting in a chair, bent over on his cane came up, and then the image of the little prince appeared. At the time I thought nothing of it, but as time passed, I began to ask myself how come that no feminine images had popped up. What characteristics and attributes did I associate with the feminine? What images of the feminine were there in my own psyche? Not what I had been taught they should look like, but what they actually were. In order to excavate and bring to light these images I first had to research the image of the feminine throughout time. Mythology and religion have always been considered mirrors of the unconscious, and that is where I looked in order to find the collective images and archetypal attributes of the feminine.

Ioanna Ralli

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