Denis Darzacq (France)


The word “hyper” refers to the hypermarkets (French equivalent to our supermarkets) in which these works are shot. Darzacq was drawn to the trashy pop nature of the hypermarkets and the hyper coloured background they provided.

He explores the idea of the body in levitation here, using straight photography and no PhotoShop tricks. Shot in Rouen with subjects sourced from a casting call in the area, these images offer a sharp juxtaposition, as sublime, almost-spiritual bodies float within that epitome of mass production and mindless consumption.

There is humour here too, as these young people appear to achieve the impossible – levitation – in front of products claiming similarly unreachable outcomes, such as perfect hair, eternal youth, a slim waist no matter how much you eat, a germ-free home…

Amy Barrett-Lennard

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How Darzacq captures his magic moments:
(documentary video)