Silvia Noferi (Italy)

Hôtel Rêverie

At the heart of Silvia Noferi’s photographs, we often find the discovery of a special object, or of some enchanting place, and the evocative power that this may exert. A discarded garment, an old suitcase, or a neighborhood playground, her elementary school, an abandoned house, or possibly a hotel being renovated. For her works, which are often self portraits, the young artist tends to choose empty spaces that are temporarily unused, in which the presence of humans is not contemplated. They form settings with ethereal atmospheres that recall a parallel dimension: environments full of memories, where forgotten objects and apparently insignificant details tell stories of real life, of the passing of time, and of reality on the move. The people we see never have any connection with their setting, but are models whom the artist asks to interact with the space around them.

Valeria De Simoni

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