Athina Chroni (Greece)

People - 3D photographs

Since I was a very young girl, I have been fascinated by the “magical” three-dimensional pictures of my view-master so much, that I tried persistently – but of course in vain then – to discover the secret. My simply set pictures present several people in their space or out of it, directly facing the lens, always in conditions of available light and, often, in very long exposures, with the color contributing to the representation of some other reality. I chose to present these unique portraits in a 3D projection so that the spectator, being in total darkness, may feel isolated from the reality and literally slip into the picture, remaining aware of the space, depth, and distances among the elements which compose it. My intention is to achieve of the most discreet 3D result possible, so that the picture attracts not because it impresses, but because it causes emotion.

Athina Chroni

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