born in 1955 in Łódź (Poland), where he currently lives

Selected photo-installations (1989-2008)

Photo-installations is an open cycle of individual objects created with the use of a method that I am working on from the late 1980s. Each object consists of many elements made of transparent photographic material, fixed spatially in several layers (from three to five, most often in four).

The basis for their implementation are ‘images-archetypes’ taken from the surrounding iconosphere: textbooks, encyclopedias, newspapers etc. I perform on them the process of constructive destruction, disintegrating them with especially designed ‘rasters’ (graphic structures) into many elements made of transparent material. Once the elements are fixed in space, together they constitute large, almost abstract, objects. The original images can be reconstructed thanks to the synthesizing property of the viewer’s mind only if the specific point of view is found at a proper distance from the installation.

Contrasting the symbolism of selected ‘images-archetypes’ with the symbolism of the ‘rasters’ which destroy them, I try to encourage the viewer to follow my reflection on the surrounding world.

The selected photo-installations presented at the exhibition refer to the question of good and evil.

Exhibition curator:
Sławomir Grzanek

Łódzkie Towarzystwo Fotograficzne
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