PHOTO-MATCH - completely different portfolio review.

PHOTO-MATCH’s model, developed by the Fotofestiwal collective, breathes new life into the outdated formula of portfolio reviews through placing a special emphasis on the series of open networking events, public presentations and an equal status granted to the curators as well as artists. Due to a staggering success of the 2017 edition, other international photography festivals have followed suit and expressed interest in incorporating our portfolio review model into their own programme. Meanwhile, Fotofestiwal launches the events’ second edition in June.

PHOTO-MATCH entails the artists’ face-to-face meetings with the reviewers (curators, editors, gallery owners etc.) over a span of two days. Prior to those meetings, every participant and reviewer gives a presentation in English about their core interests and art practice. The session is open to all artists, reviewers and general public. Based on the presentations, the artists can now make a fully informed decision about the three experts they want to meet in person to discuss their work or a given art project. Private meetings are scheduled for the following day and may last no more than 25 minutes each. As a result, artists are offered a unique chance to consult their art projects with some of the most renown experts in photography. Reviewers draw invaluable inspiration from a direct exchange of ideas with brand-new talents. Whereas, a wide audience gains an unprecedented insight into the inner workings of professional cultural organizations, and photographers’ creative process. Additionally, both curators and artists can gain some practice in the art of delivering a presentation about oneself.

Twenty reviewers and twenty photographers will be invited to participate in PHOTO-MATCH.



Day one is the time for you to get to know each other owing to the brief presentations made by all participants who will showcase their most ingenious and fascinating art projects and tell you something more about their backcatalogue or experience. These presentations will be given in front of a live audience, every other reviewer and every other photographer. The artists have to capture the essence of their art practice on twenty slides and within four minutes. The reviewers have only two minutes and ten slides to present.

A less formal networking event is scheduled for the Friday evening. It’s a perfect opportunity to make acquiesces, exchange ideas or first impressions and (most importantly) select those with whom one wishes to have a longer conversation with the very next day. At this point, the photographers and reviewers are granted access to the online system that allows them to book three personal meetings with one another.


Day two is devoted to the series of private meetings held in accordance with the timetable generated by the online reservation system. Every photographer and reviewer attends six meetings at the most, three of which they’ve arranged themselves. PHOTO-MATCH will conclude with an open session, an informal gathering of all participants who can finally enjoy some conversation with someone previously unavailable, with no strings attached.



APLICATION: A complete application must include:
– filled out online form (click HERE)
– a single compressed file containing ten photographs (.jpg) titled with a participant’s full name and their
project’s title (maximum file size: 5 Mb). Whereas the photographs themselves shall be titled as follows:
participant’s full name, their project’s title, and the photograph’s sequential number (01, 02 etc.).
Submissions must be sent by email to with the subject line “PHOTO-MATCH –
Application. Name, Surname” until May 15, 2018.

Art_Inkubator- Festival Centre, Tymienieckiego 3, Łódź, Poland

June 22, 2018 (Friday)
12.00 am – 4.00 pm, theatre room, ground floor, C building– presentations (open session)
4.00 pm – 5.00 pm, theatre foyer, ground floor, C building – PHOTO-MATCHING (closed session)

June 23, 2018 (Saturday)
11.00 am- 4.00 pm, theatre foyer, ground floor, C building – personal meetings, open session

Registration fee: PLN 200,00
(registration fee covers one’s presentation of their portfolio to all reviewers and a wider audience, face-to-face meetings with up to six reviewers, an open session, as well as lunch during both events).

May 15, 2018 – open-call
May 18, 2018 – announcement of the preliminary list of nominees
May 22, 2018 – due date for registration fee’s payment
May 24, 2018 – announcement of the final list of participants
June 06, 2018 – presentations’ delivery

Every photographer and reviewer must attend all events planned as part of the two-day portfolio review session.

Every photographer joining open-call should carefully read and adhere to the submission requirements included in the TERMS & CONDITIONS of the portfolio review.

Participants list:

1. Agnieszka Gotowała | Crystal Identity | PL
2. Anna Zagrodzka | Kolekcje, Alternaria alternata, DOB1000609 | PL
3. Claudius Schulze | Quantified Reality | DE
4. Diana Lelonek | Center for Living Things | PL
5. Dominik Wojciechowski | Svijet | PL
6. Grzegorz Wełnicki | Eternal | PL
7. Karolina Zajączkowska | Summer We Never Had | PL
8. Marek M. Berezowski | Citymorphosis | PL
9. Maria Sturm | You don’t look Native to me | RO / DE
10. Mateusz Kowalik | Still far away from paradise | PL
11. Michał Sierakowski | Wild Fields | PL
12. Michał Sita | Tunele Cu Chi | PL
13. Morvarid K | Once Upon a Time & Cold Lace | FR / IR
14. Natan Dvir | Platforms | IL / USA
15. Paulina Mirowska | Afrodyta | PL
16. Przemek Dzienis | Pureview | PL
17. Roei Greenberg | Along The Break | IL / UK
18. Tadeusz Chudy | Kinky | PL
19. Yulia Krivich | Daring&Youth | UA / PL


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The list of reviewers posted below includes magazine editors, book publishers, photography festivals’ directors, independent curators, gallery owners, art consultants and coordinators of the exhibits in some of the most prestigious museums in the world.

Jiří Ptáček

Curator, Fotograf Gallery | CZ

Peggy Sue Amison

Artistic Director, East Wing United | Arab Emirates / Europe


Vincen Beeckman

Curator, Recyclart Art Center Brussels | BE

Sophie Haslinger_Fotofestiwal2018

Sophie Haslinger

Assistant curator, exhibition manager, KUNST HAUS WIEN | AU

Agata Stoińska

BLOW residency scheme | IE

Bonnie Rubenstein

Artistic Director and Curator at Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto | CA

Emilia van Lynden

Artistic Director of Unseen platform & Editor-in-Chief of Unseen Magazine | NL

Fiona Sweet

Festival and Creative Director, Ballarat International Foto Biennale | AU

Jenny Morelli

Editor in chief for Fotografisk Tidskrift | SE

Kateryna Radchenko

Curator & director at International Festival Odesa Photo Days | UA

Michaela Bosáková

Freelance Curator, Editor | SK

Nino-Ana Samkharadze

Manager of Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival | GE

Alessandra Capodacqua

Independent curator and teacher at NYU Florence | IT

Andrei Liankevich

Director of Month of photography in Minsk | BY

Anna Krogh

Curator of photography and contemporary art at Brandts museum | DK

Rudolf Strobl

Sales Executive, Anzenberger Agency, Vienna | AT

Virgílio Ferreira

Photographer, curator, educator, director of Ci.CLO organization | PT

Erik Vroons

Editor-at-large of GUP magazine, curator for New Dutch Photography Talent | NL

Alnis Stakle

Curator at Riga Photomonth, Professor of photography at Riga Stradins University | LV


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