Anna Krogh

I hold a M.A from both Univserity of Copenhagen (2000) and from SUNY Stony Brook (New York, 1995 / Donald Kuspit). Both dissertations focused on the photographic medium. I have worked as curator of contemporary art since 2001. My first position was at ARoS, Aarhus, since 2006 I have worked at Brandts, Odense, working primarily with Danish and international contemporary art. I have contributed to and edited a great deal of cataloques and books. Apart from my position as a curator, I have been entrusted with a number of positions, for ex. Member of the Danish arts Council for international art (2010-13) and acted as chair for The Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen. In addition, I have functioned as an art specialist in a number of boards and local arts councils (Copenhagen and Odense). I both write articles on contemporary art and photography and lecture on these topics.

I am interested in both established and upcoming artists. I have no particular theoretical background and hold no specific interest in (for ex.) gender, political issues – but remain open to all kinds of approaches to and conceptual ideas in the photographic medium.

Languages spoken: Danish, English.


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