Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Art in Cracow
Faculty of Graphic Arts, Photography Studio I
Tutor: dr hab. Agata Pankiewicz

Krzeszowice, Lesser Poland (2010)

(…) Photos by Wojciech Gwiazdowski form a documentation of places and passage of time, which was as severe to an abandoned storehouse made of hollow blocks as it was to the elegance of palace rooms. A rusty car, abandoned in bushes, becomes as important as charming, still grand (despite damage) interiors of the 19th century Potocki’s palace.

Sometimes, this walk is like a visit to the palliative care ward. It makes us anxious, knocks out of balance, makes us aware of things. The time and space that we know are gone. Krzeszowice, Lesser Poland, becomes the centre of attention. It becomes the “Theme”. (…)

Excerpt from a review by Robert Sowa, PhD