Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Art in Cracow
Faculty of Graphic Arts, Photography Studio I
Tutor: dr hab. Agata Pankiewicz

Abeyance (2009)

The Abeyance series touches upon the issue of neurotic personality in the contemporary world. While creating a method of talking about fear using images, I did not focus directly on people, but on their immediate surroundings. I depict spaces, interiors and exteriors, which resonate with emotions, feelings and associations that accompany the state of anxiety. My images do not induce fear. In a specific way, they present the way the world is perceived by a person struggling with his/her psycho-emotional condition.

The series has been prepared using the author’s method of combining a number of shots of a given space (from several to about forty) in one coherent whole. This technique has been employed here in order to cross the abilities of a regular digital SLR and freely crop tight spaces and interesting perspective effects.