The University of the Arts in Philadelhia
Media Art Department, Collego of Art and Design, Photography
Tutor: prof. Harris Fogel

The Book thesis (2011)

What draws me to books in their innate power to transform thought their content. They also transform someone’s perception by transporting him or her to another world, fictitious or otherwise. I wish to do the same by destroying or framing the books in a certain way to imply a sense of transformation. The camera in many ways aids in this venture, as it is a tool of transformation in a very literal sense. The use of the lens compresses and expands space to distort our reality onto a flat plane. My choice in the books I choose to alter varies; sometimes it is a word or phrase that jumps at me that, speaks to a visual transformation. Other times it is the sheer banality of the book that causes ma just to want to tear the book apart to extract more for its formal qualities. I seek to recontextualize these objects by playing on the transformative power inherent in books and the camera, creating new worlds where the books can take on a new meaning.