born in 1972 in Sandomierz (Poland), where he currently lives

Genesis (2010-2011)

Rafał Biernicki’s photography is like getting back to the roots. It’s a pure, pristine way of transmitting emotions and expression of the artist. His images seem to paralyze mind and soul, they are marked with mystery and magic of a brief moment in time. They look for the interior of the portrayed ‘object’. When we realize that with our eyes we’re touching the one and only glass plate with the image registered on it, we feel how fragile and transitory our presence here and now is. Biernicki confirms the theory that photography is a ‘mournful art’. He registers that which is truly unique, and the technique that he uses inspires us to seek what is inside ourselves. The Genesis exhibition is a beautiful story about ourselves. Great composition and expression of these works is the quintessence of the art of photography.

Waldemar Zdrojewski

Technique: large format photography, ambrotype on black glass.

Curator: Waldemar Zdrojewski, born in 1963, photographer, curator, lecturer on photography and photoedition on Warsaw University. He constantly looks for expression of emotions and verity in the essence of the image.

Muzeum Kinematografii
plac Zwycięstwa 1
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