born in 1982 in Budapest (Hungary), where he currently lives

Artificial Light (2007-2011)

The project Artificial Light started with location scouting, and then planning: I made drawings and sometimes 3D graphics to simulate the image that I later realised with the tools of staged photography.

“Mátyás Misetics’ pictures depict bizarre night scenes, where the strangeness does not originate from the features of the events, but rather from the frozen state, the zero degree, the non-existence of the happenings. We can see abandoned spaces in the night, basking in artificial light, usually with a lonely human figure or, less frequently, with loose groups of people. We can see the figures from a relatively long distance, their faces, personal characteristics hardly or not at all visible, their gestures minimal and mechanic, their postures rigid. They are not related to the space, to one another or even to themselves. Every figure is a closed, lonely and alien universe, in the neutral environment of space, crowded with signs and objects. In fact, there is no way to find out what it is that these figures are looking for in the night, in the space, why and where they are pushing their shopping carts, why they are standing in the parking lots, or on the roads. People in these pictures are things, mere elements of space, puppets, or dummies. The series by Mátyás Misetics talks about our world without directly ‘touching’, copying or imitating it. Instead, he uses modelling as a tool. He builds up a stand-alone, closed, ‘compressed’ reality: a dream, his own vision.”

written by György Cséka

Organiser: Cracovia Expres Cultural Foundation Hungary – Poland

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