born in 1962 in St. Petersburg (Russia), lives in New York (USA)

Photography (1986-2010)

A retrospective, featuring excerpts drawn from Alexey Titarenko’s major bodies of work: Nomenklatura of Signs (1986-1991), City of Shadows (1992-1994), Black and White Magic of St Petersburg (1995-1997), Time Standing Still (1998- 2000), and selections from his series of Venice (2001-2008), and Cuba (2003, 2006).  Two new images from Alexey’s brief residency in Łódź, Poland during 2011 complete this collection of masterly printed black and white photographs.

For Titarenko, photography does not just capture, but itself becomes the expression of a movement or an action happening over time.  “In my work, I try to introduce a third dimension, that of time, which adds an element of continuity and of narration.  I attempt to transpose time into a purely visual language….”. Titarenko’s photographs encapsulate this fragile sense of time and emotion. Each work is truly unique, like a single breath, a gust of wind, or a heartbeat.

Alexey Titarenko works are also currently being exhibited in Switzerland and at the JP Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California.

Exhibition organiser: Atlas Sztuki

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