Factory of Photography

One of the most characteristic exhibitions of the Fotofestiwal; presents exhibitions of students from Polish and foreign schools. Schools and professors, who choose the best students, are invited to participate in the event.

The Factory gives a chance especially to young students who can debut with their exhibitions. Frequently, the event is a milestone in their occupational and artistic activities.

It is also a great means of promotion for the school of such students, and allows to confront the level and achievements of different schools.

Again, the President of the AHE in Łódź will present his special prize of PLN 3000. The award ceremony will take place on 6 May, during the opening of Fotofestiwal.


The Factory of Photography has been jointly organised with Patio Art Centre UHE, which is responsible for the substantive supervision.

The curators of the exhibition are the following lecturers and artists:
- Marek Domanski (Professor) - who is a lecturer in Photography at Lodz Fine Arts Academy and The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz. As an artist, he deals with pinhole and staged photography.
- Aurelia Mandziuk (PhD) - who is a lecturer in Intermedia at The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, at the Arts Department. In her artistic work, she focuses on artwork which strives at the borders of a variety of genres. She is a curator and the Art Director of Patio Art Centre.

An important change has been introduced this year. The location of the event presentation has been changed to the main buildings of Fotofestiwal event, hence the student artwork will be presented alongside the main festival programme and Grand Prix of Fotofestiwal. (During lasts three years Factory of Photography was presented at the PAC – New Spaces Gallery).


Maciej Bohdanowicz (ASP Łódź)
Joanna Bonder (ASP Wrocław)
Ola Buczkowska (PWSFTiTv Łódź)
Michał Bugalski (ASP Poznań)
Marcin Dębski (ASP Katowice)
Evgenia Dobreva (NBU Sofia)
Arkadiusz Gola (ITF Opava)
Iwona Grejdus (ASP Kraków)
Agnieszka Krzywoń (US, Cieszyn)
Barbara Kubska (ASP Katowice)
Magdalena Irla (UP Kraków)
Sini Meskanen (Alto UAD Helsinki)
Olga Misiura (ASP Wrocław)
Paweł Nawrocki (AHE Łódź)
Michał Nowak (ASP Łódź)
Anna Orłowska (PWSFTiTv Łódź)
Żaklina Piechanowska (ASP Poznań)
Laura Porola (Alto UAD Helsinki)
Katarzyna Tekieli (Alto UAD Helsinki)
Joanna Wojno (AHE Łódź)
Anna Zakrzewska (ASP Kraków)
Gergana Zmiycharova (NBU Sofia)
Barbora Žůrková, Radim Žůrek (ITF Opava)
Lou Caltabiano (UA Philadelphia)
Kelly Wrage (UA Philadelphia)

the opening:
6.05 / Thursday, 18.00
Lodz Art Centre, Tymienieckiego 3

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