Ola Buczkowska


The Polish National Film, Television and Theater School in Lodz
Master’s diploma – tutor: professor Grzegorz Przyborek

An Intimate Public Diary, 2009

“The social dialogue between what is intimate and what is public is introduced to us by the installations made by Ola Buczkowska An Intimate Public Diary who in her own comment to the work raises among others a question concerning the contemporary commercialized need for ‘rebellion’ that can be sold in bulks — like bathroom tiles from public toilets with some slogans on them. Put into luxurious bathrooms — a dream of many Poles which has come true — tiles with captions: vulgarisms, confessions of love, sudden considerations of everyday reality encountered in public toilets. What is also significant here is, on the one hand the fact that the images disturb the assumed order of the superego world, and on the other hand, they reveal the everlasting need to create signs of thoughts, confessions, desires which, being transferred into a text, become ‘the body’ — give power of existence to what is intimate and secret, and by that association closer to id and ego (…)” Anna Zarychta

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