Żaklina Piechanowska

Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan
Department of Multimedia Communication, Photography faculty
Documentary Photography studio – tutor: dr hab. Krzysztof J. Baranowski

Alices,  2009

Alices return to the memories consisting of many layers of the past time, which allows for a new kind of experience. Women’s purposeful stylization and make-up shows a meticulous celebration of the moment of first love engraved in their memory, a moment so emotionally powerful to each one of us. The mirror functions as a time-machine which transfers us to the past dimension, or rather combines the past with the present. It also depicts the character of the present which is eternally torn apart (between the past and the future).  I touch upon the aspect of “female beauty” which is not a privilege of youth only, and upon the problem of an old body excluded from the culture, unattractive, thus sentenced for disregard. I create an atmosphere of a second date which in this context takes a form of a “re-date.”

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