Anna Zakrzewska

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow
Department of Graphic
Photography studio – tutor: PhD Agata Pankiewicz

Beautiful, 2009

I present my very personal project. I have photographed women suffering of cancer because for more than 14 years I have been deeply included in illness of my mother.  That subject of disease is very tough for everyone of us.Such visions of old, ill and disabled bodies we rub out of our perception as well as from our consciousness – they do not match paragon of beauty. We are surrounded with bodies, ideal by definition: young, beautiful, healthy, corrected, full of Botox and implants.On the background of those perfect cyborgs my mother’s body – worm, safe, true and unique was for me an absolute beauty. The intention of my photos was to demonstrate objection towards absolute and permanent domination of modern, young and idealized body.

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