Jean-Marie Donat, Self-portrait of the 20th Century

The exhibition gathers around thirty photo series made up of more than 400 anonymous vernacular photographs. This photographic corpus is built around of idea of giving a peculiar vision of the 20th century..

Jean-Marie Donat is a typologist of the snapshot, infused with the vigor of an eighteenth-century encyclopedist venturing into unknown territory, determined to catalog its bewildering profusion of languages or religions or species of click beetle. By now dozens if not hundreds of collections of snapshots have been published by others, some fascinating and some apparently haphazard, but all of them resting uneasily on the premise of their collectors' subjective scale of values. […] What they all have in common is that they represent photographic phenomena that recur, not in the literature but in those bins, tubs, crates of the postmortem economy. […] The great range of topics, procedures, effects, conventions, and experiences to which he is alert causes him to slice through the whole century of popular everyday photographic practice, revealing a cross-section teeming with life. All of these photos are vigorous, despite being several times removed from the life of their conception, and their vigor will not allow a dry, logical order to be imposed on them. And once

they have been united under the sign of their common pattern they are many times stronger than they would be in isolation. […] Cumulatively, they demonstrate that popular photography is a cluster of ritualistic practices, generally transparent in their sociological and psychological meaning, to which their photographers and subjects submit as if they had always existed.

Extract from the text by Luc Sante from the exhibition catalog.

Jean-Marie Donat is a photography collector and publisher,  he lives and works in Paris, France. Jean-Marie Donat has worked in publishing for thirty years. He was the studio manager and artistic director of Sarbacane Design for fifteen years, and participated in launching Editions Sarbacane in 2003. With Alexandre Mestcherinoff, he created a music label specialised in reissuing works by Jamaican artists. At present, he manages his own collection and publishing company, Inocences. Jean-Marie Donat is most importantly a seasoned collector of photographs, which he has been gathering for more than twenty-five years now during his journeys in Europe and the USA. The collection is an overview of the two centuries which have passed since the birth of photography until now.



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