09.06.2019 Motyl UŁ, the new location of Fotofestiwal

Motyl UŁ, Sienkiewicza 21 st., is a building with a characteristic Pewex butterfly-mural, painted at the turn of spring and summer of 1987. Remember this symbol! During the upcoming edition of Fotofestiwal, thanks to the cooperation with the University of Łódź, we will invite you to explore the amazing interiors of this building. Come to see three remarkable exhibitions, film screenings, slide shows, and a unique… dancefloor!

Let’s start from the ground floor: here, among the plants standing in a classic communist stands searched out in garbage cans or taken from our attics, you will find photographic publications published by Capa Center in Budapest and PhotoIreland in Dublin. In the lodge, you will also learn more about the history of the building, which dates back to the end of the 19th century. Interesting aesthetics of the 20th century has also left its mark here.

On the same floor, we will be dancing on an opening day – June 14th from 10:00 PM. We will join forces with the organizers of the most danceable cycle in the city: Jazztko! The hall of the former Germanic library will turn into our parquet. Bartenders from the P29 will be just next door, and a unique courtyard with a garden will be taken over by the Winni food truck. Just wait for the secrets and magical points of the program… Upstairs in four classrooms, we will be able to see slide shows of artists selected for the international platform Futures. Details of the event can be found at >>Link.

Jazztko! Party will inaugurate the opening of the entire building and three exhibitions on the first and second floor. You can’t miss exploring the corridors and lecture halls, as well as the beautiful column room, which was the film set of many Polish movies. Exhibitions will be on display every day – on working days from 5 PM-8 PM, on weekends from 1 PM-8 PM:

Come to see the third floor on Tuesday, June 25th at 7 PM. In room 313, equipped with two once high-quality CRT TVs, there will be a screening of the film Photon by Norman Leto. On the last Friday of the festival, we will return to the column room on the first floor – this unique space will change into a screening room for the projection of the one-off video essay Mould. The author, amateur of films from B to Z and non-classified forms, has tracked down cinematographic tropes related to the festival’s theme. Sounds interesting? Moryc Helms will present his discoveries and comment on them with his characteristic sarcastic charm on Friday, the 28th of June at 9:30 pm, live.

Admission to all events (except the opening at this location) is free of charge, but if you have some extra money you might be interested in … buying the property because it is for sale! More information on the website of the University of Łódź.

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