East is not a place.

East remains as a state of mind. It is detemination, unity and action. It has been fascinating for centuries. The captivating power of its past forms the present. East provokes us, to start a relation, awakens the call of nature in a human being. The nature of the East as inexhaustible source of inspiration, which pushes us into new and unknown areas. East strengthens the spirit, thanks to that we enter wild and inaccessible places. The light from the East brightens our way, makes us more confident to reach our goals. We are the essence of the East. It flows in our veins, its beauty is inside of us.

Aleksandra Gierasimiuk – born in 1994 in Bialystok, master of law, graduate of the AFIP (Academy). Her works could be seen at several group exhibitions, including the Opera and Philharmonic in Podlasie as part of the Inerphoto festival 2017, in the Ludwik Zamenhof Center in Bialystok and in art galleries in Łomża and Suwałki.

Barbara Kwiatkowska, born in 1986. Graduated AFiP scholl of photography in Bialystok. Lives and works in Augustow. Collective exhibitions: PHOTO DIPLOMA AFiP 2018, CSW-AS Gallery, Suwalki. PHOTO DIPLOMA AFiP 2018, BOK/CLZ Gallery, Bialystok. THE SECRET LIVE OF GRAVITY, „Pod Arkadami” Gallery, Lomza. THE SECRET LIVE OF GRAVITY, Interphoto 2017, OiFP Gallery, Bialystok.

Ewa Woroniecka, born in Augustów. She has been working on photography, as a form of art, since 2012. Graduated from Białystok Photography and Business Studies Academy (AFiP). Her photography and multimedia works were shown on collective exhibitions: “The Fourth Chapter”, “The Light and the Shadow” and “The AFiP Graduate Works 2014”.

Janina Cynkiel, born and living in Belarus, studied at the University of Warsaw and AFiP school of photography. She has been involved in photography since 2013. Her achievements include collective exhibitions in Poland, Russia and Belarus.

Katarzyna Snarska – year ’93, graduate from Bialystok Technical University and school of photography AFiP. She looks for a correlation between art and science languages. Collective exhibitions: The secret life of gravity, „Pod Arkadami” Gallery, Lomza, 2018 The secret life of gravity, Interphoto 2017, OiFP Gallery, Bialystok, 2017.

Krzysztof Jeżyna, born on 10 April 1987 in Białystok. Photographer and visual artist by education. He combines in his works his passion for both fine arts and photography. He has had group exhibitions during the Interphoto Białystok Festival in 2015 and 2017, Galeria FF in Łódź.

Patrycja Łapszo, born in 1991 in eastern Poland. Graduate of Bialystok Academy of Photography and member of Bialystok Forum of Photography and Multimedia and also Bialystok Association of Photography. Favourite topic is human being. Her work has been presented at many exhibitions in Poland as well as in Belarus, Macedonia, India and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Piotr Babulewicz – born in 1997 in Bialystok, UMB [Medical University of Bialystok] student and AFiP [Photo Academy]. A seeker of his own path. He has put on several group exhibitions, including Interphoto Białystok in 2017.

Urszula Wróblewska was born in Białystok 1987 r., graduated from cultural studies at Univercity of Białystok and Academy of Photography in Białystok. Participant of few collective exhibition Diploma exhibition: I am from those who are grubbing the forest, BOK/Centrum Ludwika Zamenhofa, Białystok, 2017; The secret life of gravity, International Photography Festival Białystok Interphoto 2017.

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