13-23.06.2024. See you in Łódź, Poland! 13-23.06.2024. See you in Łódź, Poland! 13-23.06.2024. See you in Łódź, Poland! 13-23.06.2024. See you in Łódź, Poland! 13-23.06.2024. See you in Łódź, Poland! 13-23.06.2024. See you in Łódź, Poland! 13-23.06.2024. See you in Łódź, Poland!

Photobooks from South America, Ukraine, Belarus and Dummy Award

This year’s Book Program includes four exhibitions, three premieres, a dozen meetings and presentations, and the Photographic Publication of the Year award. The exhibitions this year will be a wide cross-section of the scene from different parts of the world, such as Latin American countries, and at the same time proof that the nationality of a book can also exist beyond the borders of a country (an exhibition of Belarusian photography books). Iacopo Pasqui, Igor Omulecki and Michał Sita will premiere their latest publications. We present a program of the exhibitions and events that will take place in Lodz in less than a month.


_ The exhibition Photographic Books from Latin America presents a panorama of publications produced in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela over the past four years. “Latin American Photobooks are not always published for a local photographic community. Some books do not belong to the art world.” – says the exhibition’s curator, Laura Carbonell. We recommend the exhibition to anyone who wants to step outside their cognitive bubble.

_ The Kassel Dummy Award is an international competition for the best unpublished photo book mock-up of the year and one of the most prestigious and recognized photo book brands in the Western world. Its part is a worldwide touring exhibition of the awarded works. The Fotofestiwal will showcase 51 books from around the world honored in the last edition of the competition from among 420 entries submitted from 44 countries in the last year.

_ Ukrainian Photo Books. The exhibition is the result of an in-depth analysis of the photo book market in Ukraine and shows how private initiatives are creating an alternative circulation and communication platform. The exhibition is curated by Kateryna Radchenko – curator of one of the best-received exhibitions of Fotofestival 2023 – Stand Transitional Odesa Photo Days.

_ Books and Zines I don’t want to forget it. Exhibition of Belarusian photography books. The exhibition spotlights Belarussian photo books and zines published over the last few years in various European countries. Their authors all share interest in collective and individual memory. An important lesson not only photography-wise, but also in worldview.


_ The traditional late breakfast with photography books, where there will be, among other things, a meeting with the winners of the Photographic Publication of the Year, as many as three book premieres: Der Engel by Iacopo Pasqui published by Fotofestiwal, Witty Books and 19 Rivers, Igor Omulecki’s Works 2012-2021 and Michal Sita’s History of Poland vol.2, a presentation of Michal Adamski’s zine, Olena Morozova’s publication and the latest Sputnik Photos Mentorship Program, and a meeting with the curators and curators of this year’s book exhibitions.

_ Author’s meeting around the book Igor Omulecki, Works 2012-2021, conducted by: Jakub Śwircz, Karol Jóźwiak

_ Art beyond art? Documentary photography in Poland – panel discussion, moderated by: Adrian Wykrota.

Detailed information about events coming soon.

See you there!

Photobooks section curator: Franek Ammer