Tadeusz Rolke, Waldemar Zdrojewski, Everynowhere


Photographs presented at the exhibition are the outcome of a unique trip of two artists: TADEUSZ ROLKE and WALDEMAR ZDROJEWSKI. Initially, they travelled to Sharhorod – a small city in Podolia, south of Kiev in order to create a documentary of the remnants of Hasidic Jews who lived there. However, upon passing the road sign with the city name written in three languages – Ukrainian, Polish and Hebrew – they realised that that it was a trip to a totally different space time, a trip to everynowhere…

”We saw the town where history blends with the present. There were ruins of houses with porches, pillars, fairy-like minute windows and old stoves. They stood right next to post-Soviet housing-administrative blocks. The main street (“The Lenin Street”, with Lenin’s statue in the middle) was crowded with people busy rebuilding the dilapidated buildings, whereas in the background life seemed to be going on just like every day. Our photographs show what we felt and saw in Sharhorod.”

The authors present their work as a team. The “mystery” of the exhibition is that no work is signed. Hence, nobody knows who took a given photograph.

After the vernissage - about 7.30 p.m. - we would like to invite to the meeting the authors: Tadeusz Rolke and Waldemar Zdrojewski (with slideshow) - ŁTF gallery, Piotrkowska 102