Tomasz Komorowski

Sunday Afternoon

There comes a moment when each of us needs to look critically at their nearest surroundings, at the space in which they grew up and live.
Because of my work and other professional activities, I spend most of my time outside Koluszki – the place where I was born, brought up and where I live. I can look at it only on Saturday/Sunday afternoons, when I have more spare time.
I examine all its nooks and crannies, which I thought I knew so well, with great bewilderment. I find out that they are different not only because several years have passed. Something has changed.
The photographs tell the stories about places which exist in reality, but are no longer a part of me. They are foreign territories, with no life and no atmosphere of the past. In my perception, these photos fulfil the Depardon’s formula of the photography of the empty time.
I get a bit horrified by the emptiness and sleepiness of a small town in the afternoon light. I have gone away very far. Or, perhaps  it was the surroundings that have gone away from me?