Rafal Milach

Disappearing Circus

Circus used to be one of the most popular forms of mass entertainment of the communist time in Poland. Artists who performed in the circus at the time were heroes beloved by crowds.
At their glory days, Polish circus artists worked for the biggest and the most prestigious circuses all over the world. They all came from circus school in Julinek, which was considered one of the best in the central-eastern European region. In the 90s, the slow dyimg of Julinek began. The circus base that employed up to 1500 artists and technician workers was closed due to financial problems.  I portrayed retired artists who worked in circus for 20-50 years. I photographed some of them in their houses. Although retired for many years, they still keep old circus costumes. The others were photographed in ruins of the Julinek circus center. For all of them it was a one day trip to the past.