Photoplasticon – Plastic Adventures with Photography

Agnieszka Chojnacka, Aneta Grzeszykowska, moRgan B. Konopka, Wojciech Kubiak & Lidia Krawczyk, Robert Kuśmirowski, Józef Robakowski, Mariusz Tarkawian, Wojciech Zasadni

Exhibition curated by: Kamil Kuskowski | in cooperation with: Jarosław Lubiak

Photoplasticon, popular in the 19th century, was a device used for entertainment. It reminds us of interaction and overlapping of photography and other arts. An exhibition organised as a part of the 8th International Festival of Photography in Łódź opens a new chapter in the long tradition of these connections and mutual influences.

Photoplasticon diverts and develops the perspective which was proposed by Urszula Czartoryska in her famous book entitled Przygody plastycznych fotografii (Adventures of artistic photographs). The exhibition turns our attention not so much to photography itself, but to photographic thinking and sensitivity. Poetics, aesthetics, optics or pragmatics that can be found in photographs, are a starting point for the presented projects.

It is not exactly photos that form Photoplasticon in Zona Sztuki Aktualnej, but rather works which play with photography while not being photographic pieces themselves.