Petras Saulenas

L’herbe est l’herbe mais ce n’est pas l’herbe

This is a study of a grass itself in spatial triptych. The exploration of perception starts with the replacement of the grass - it is being stolen from its natural context and placed in the laboratory of the exposition hall. That makes it a kind of a prop that gains its quality with a new and unfamiliar exhibitional value. The hyperrealistic artificial substitute for real grass comes to scene as an utopian image of perfection in Lacanian mirror. That kind of technological reproduction expands the limits of perception and proposes opportunities for differentiation and classification of the Real. The primary study becomes the process of alteration of reality. The familiar reality is simply substituted with alternative ones. Technology dethrones unique essence of reality and gives the touch of aesthetics at the same time. The leaf of the hemp is an ironic cut in the perfect surface of the real. This leaf is more the statement to agree or to contradict, rather than the question.