Mateusz Kiszka


Why do dogs have cold noses? Scientists have found the answer – the dog’s nose is all the time moistened by secretions of special glands. Then they said something about slimes and gathering of molecules in water. In my project, I am not looking for rational, scientific answers explaining animal behavior. Instead, I am trying to capture the true, wild, nature of animals which have to live in a man-made and man-controlled environment. I am asking questions as a curious human who does not understand the scientific language but who is interested in the nature and psyche of animals, and in how they see us, people. Do they perceive us as intruders and barbarians who, for some reason, pulled them out of their natural habitat and adopted their living space for their own goals, or as friends who created a new home for them, feed and train them?
Each animal has some individual temperamental features, specific character traits etc. Unfortunately, some people still live in the 18th century when, under the influence of  Descartes’ philosophy, animals were treated as machines without soul and sensitivity. Thanks  to Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory this has changed. Its consequences are invaluable. According to this theory, there is no gap between humans and animals but only a smaller or bigger distance depending on the analyzed species.
There is no doubt that by observing animals we can learn a lot about ourselves. We realize that in the process of evolution we lost our real nature, we hide our real feelings under a mask. I would like my pictures to reflect the emotions which accompany the meeting of an animal and a human.