Marta Sinior


“I need my memories. They are my documents. I keep watch over them. They are my privacy and I am intensely jealous of them.” 
These words by Louise Burgeois, whose art obsessively focuses on her childhood memories came to my mind when I first looked at Marta Sinior’s project. Using photography, Sinior also works through a particular episode in her past. Unlike Burgeois, however, the photographer not only draws on her memories, but also invents them, producing a document of a parallel life. In her Not-experienced series, Sinior fabricates memories by staging and photographing hypothetical scenes from her own life. The series is an attempt to answer a question, frequently posed in the face of grief: ” What would my life have looked like if….”.
It is a painful, but hopefully healing, way to reconfigure one’s present life, which could have been real, had things happened differently.  (Basia Sokołowska)