Marek Domański

Amazing, yet authentic, journey of professor Mundschein

Professor Mundschein was a visionary who went far beyond his times. At the same time, he was a loner hiding away from fame. Perhaps that was the reason why his works have waited in the shadow of great historical events for over one hundred years. Although man set foot on the Moon many years ago, professor Mundschein’s journey still seems unbelievable.
At the beginning of the last century, when Łódź was ruled by the merciless laws of rapacious capitalism, our hero secretly prepared a flight and actually flew to one of the Saturn moons. His journey might seem a silly and phantasmagorical eccentricity. Prof. Mundschein was a man of action, though. He had deep faith in his own dreams and in the Progress. Although the almost one year research on materials found at the attic of one of Łódź tenements has not been finished yet, we want to present its results so far as a testimony of his courage and a marvellous journey of one man.
The exhibition features photographs taken by prof. Mundschein during his voyage, mysterious photos (most probably found on the Moon) and sparse mementos of the first astronaut of Łódź.