Marco & Saverio Lanza


Pastiche  is a title that brothers Marco and Saverio Lanza gave to a series of projects in progress. Their shared goal was to take reality with all its chaos and confusion and insert it into the frames of the world, hence, creating them anew.

The Lanza brothers started to work together three years after they found out that their individual projects basing on distortion and stylisation of reality share the same themes.

They avoid production tricks and do not write screenplays, but they still look after everything themselves. They try to be invisible so that their presence does not affect the authenticity of the place and people.

Their clips are a homogenous blend of images, sounds and music which do not exist or function separately. They are not just voiced images, which is a characteristic feature of the Pastiche project.

The Lanza brothers’ exhibitions usually are presented in an audio-video format, with scarce effects and simple assembly. Visual and audio aspects of projects constantly overlap and dynamically complement each other, which is also very important in the project. Hence, the exhibition can be in fact regarded as the Pastiche performance. (Review from Creative Review /September, 2008)