Łódź Kaliska

Marek Janiak, Adam Rzepecki, Andrzej Świetlik, Andrzej Makary Wielogórski

May Men Rot

The group started 30 years ago with a happening entitled Dividing the street with a black ribbon with the aim of making fuss and diverting attention in order to cover a group of people with a white sheet, tie them up and bang their asses. Their performances, projects, movies, manifestos and speeches show that since that first happening they have been dealing with the issue of individual’s freedom in culture and society in a provocative and controversial fashion. They never allow their audience to remain indifferent. Works and projects such as PLEASE SIT DOWN – LAST SUPPER (PROSZĘ SIADAĆ – OSTATNIA WIECZERZA),  FRAIRICHAIT – NEIN DANKE, SISTERS (SIOSTRY) series, ALEMENTARZ, or HOW TO KILL / MANUAL (INSTRUKCJA ZABIJANIA SZTUKI) have all become a permanent element of history and scenery of the Polish art.

The project attempts to present an ideal world, world without men, where women do perfectly fine in areas formerly forbidden to them – fishing boats, quarries, foundries, in upholstery or carpenter shops, etc. They work in unison and solidarity while remaining naturally and evidently beautiful.