Katarzyna Mardeusz

Boys play with dolls

Boys play with toy-guns, girls play with dolls.
Boys go fishing with their dads, girls try on their moms’ dresses.
Boys are supposed to be tough, girls are supposed to be pretty.
What if boys wanted to play with dolls, what if they wanted to try on their moms’ dresses, what if they wanted to be pretty?
What then?
What if a marketing specialist, deep at heart, wanted to be a gardener, what if a bookkeeper wanted to paint, what if an actor desired to teach, what if so many of us wanted to be someone different?
Who, then, are those ten men dressing up in colorful skirts and blouses, wearing five inch high stiletto heels and hiding behind strong make up?
Maybe they are the bravest of us?
I reached ten men, who had the courage to be candid with the world about their secret skin, their passion, which accompanied them since early childhood, and which they had to hide for so many years. For some of them, this was one of the first, hesitant steps towards uncovering their desires, others have walked this path for many years. All of them decided to show me their second face and I am grateful for that.