Karolina Kowalska


The RELOAD project is a combination of older works, created between 2005 and 2008, with one brand new work, produced especially for this exhibition. All the works are based on found materials - photographs, video and texts.

Reload – reloading, loading anew – using already existing photographs and information again. It is also an attempt to combine older and newer works in another whole, which will be a continuation of the previous projects.

A musician or a DJ uses tracks they have found in order to create new connections. The same principle underlies creation of an exhibition and new works.

Illusion and manipulation form another link between the chosen works.

The “Stock” project presents stock photos used in advertisements. They were slightly processed so that idealised portraits of people show traces of fatigue. The “Bloody Reaction” series of photographs presents various techniques that animals employ when they get attacked by an enemy, for example, fainting goats. Images were re-photographed from the book entitled “The Hidden Powers of Animals” by Karl P. N. Shuker, PhD.

Images of cars present photographs re-photographed from a car magazine.

The “JPG/TXT” project is an archive of photos and texts found on the Internet. It presents works of artists together with photographs which were not recognised as art as a collection where no such divisions apply.

Curator: Kamil Kuskowski